Triple Fashion Fails Hit the Star Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of A Single Rider

It’s a sigh of relief to see at least one star presence at the VIP premiere of the movie A Single Rider not look like a fashion victim. Other than Park Shin Hye, low key and effortlessly chic, everyone else got hit with either the clothing fail, the makeup monstrosity, and/or the hair woes. If I add Eom Ji Won bringing a stuffed toy ferret in her purse then even the accessorizing took a detour into WTF land. I like to think stars attending movie premieres usually don’t use their coordis and go at it alone, maybe even leaving their house to saunter over to a premiere treating it like a regular movie outing. In that case everyone gets a pass because who cares what we look like when we go watch a movie, but then again, the movie premiere is there as yet another carpeted media moment so the star should make an effort to dress prettily. Continue reading

Thrice Married Woman Can’t Finalize its Cast Because Writer Kim Soo Hyun Keeps Axing the Leads

This story warms my cockles because it proves that someone with talent and clout actually still cares about quality in Korean entertainment. Everyone’s likely heard now about the casting “problems” with the upcoming weekend drama Thrice Married Woman (She Gets … Continue reading