Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin Have Classic Rom-com Chemistry in Latest Preview for I am Not a Robot

This week is the premiere of new MBC Wed-Thurs K-drama I am Not a Robot, which definitely is K-drama style rom-com as far as I can tell. Even better is that this one has elements of the kooky, unlike the last so-called rom-com I watched This Life is My First which had a few laugh out loud moments but overall the drama was introspective and quiet so the comedy element wasn’t really there. Here there is leading lady Chae Soo Bin pretending to be a robot girl, and leading man Yoo Seung Ho looking handsome as heck on the outside but a super fraidy cat inside due to his human allergy. And I’m think he’s maybe only allergic to girls since he gets along with his human butler and second male lead Eom Ki Joon as the mad scientist to “creates” the robot girl for him. The latest preview still hits the nail on the energy and laughs, I can’t wait for this drama to finally arrive! Continue reading

Long Drama Preview and Happy Press Conference Pictures for Masked Prosecutor

I gotta give props when it’s due and Masked Prosecutor deserves kudos for doing the unthinkable from one week ago, namely making that flamboyant wrestling mask suddenly look narratively acceptable. Who woulda thunk it? The drama premieres on KBS this … Continue reading