Ji Sung Goes From Prosecutor and Doting Dad to Murder Defendant in New Drama Stills and Preview

I wonder how much harder it is for post-marriage and now daddy Ji Sung to play the titular role in upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Defendant. Faced with with calamity of going from a happy husband and father to the chief suspect in the murder of his wife and daughter, Ji Sung’s prosecutor turned defendant must navigate both the legal landmines from behind bars and the emotional anguish of mourning his loved ones without any memory of his role in their deaths.

In supporting roles are Yuri of SNSD, Eom Ki Joon, Oh Chang Suk, and Uhm Hyun Kyung, with the writer of City Hunter penning the script and the PD of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Yawang, and 49 Days behind the camera. I hope this twist on The Fugitive, with the suspect behind bars rather than on the run, keeps the tension high through the longer drama run and don’t make the baddies one-note. Also, no lame side romance please, people are dead and a good guy is fighting for his life, keep the typical K-drama romance to nil. The drama premieres in two weeks after Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim ends and we’ll see then if SBS can retain the Mon-Tues ratings lead.
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