KBS Second Chance Drama Hello, It’s Me with Choi Kang Hee, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Re Premieres to a Promising Start

I think this drama is either more or less than its ratings so I’ll focus on what’s good and lacking in the end product. Lost amongst the more high profile new K-dramas to premiere this week in mid-February 2021 is second chance what if story Hello, It’s Me. It’s the same concept as 18 Again, Knowing Wife, Go Back Couple, those dramas that challenge the life of the lead character in the middle age with either a do-over or a different perspective. I thought the drama was decent in the first two episodes, setting the stage effectively albeit with the requisite frustration. Choi Kang Hee‘s life is so down trodden and I can feel Lee Re‘s frustration as her younger self in seeing where the future went. I like both male leads equally and enjoy watching their harmless douchbaggery mined for laughs, whether it’s the chaebol heir with no ambition or to the too ambitious actor with inflated self-esteem. This feels like a drama suitable for a low key personal watch, let the viewer take away either as “I would never let my life get so bad” young confidence or an older/wiser person understanding that “some things are outside of my control but at least I never lost sight if my heart and soul.” I think this drama won’t mine my tear ducts as much as the other similar tales and it’s worth watching for Lee Re’s impeccable performance.

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Teenager Lee Re Sparkles with Attitude Over the Adults in New Poster and Teasers for KBS Drama Hello? It’s Me!

KBS comedy Hello? It’s Me! is one of my anticipated February drama premieres thanks to a diverse cast, interesting concept, and lingering good will from last year’s turn young again and learn life appreciation lessons drama 18 Again. I also … Continue reading