Yoona Continues to Rock the Busan International Film Festival Fashion Style

If the old-fashioned look is in then Korean idol-actress Yoona has achieved the remarkable win over a very difficult to conquer style. Yoona and her hit movie Exit costar Jo Jung Seok and the director all attended an Open Talk session at the 2019 Busan International Film Festival two days after walking the opening night red carpet. The movie is the second highest grossing domestic film of the year though it won’t have a chance to become highest this year since the mega hit Extreme Jobs was released earlier and is now the second highest grossing domestic film of all time. So yeah, 2019 was a good year for the K-movie box office. But back to Exit, I can’t wait to watch it and am really impressed that Yoona quietly and confidently transitioned into a bona fide movie actress who can carry a move alongside Jo Jung Seok. She can definitely carry a dress, after her red carpet yellow confection she went with a hunter green with black piping jacket dress complete with rounded lace collar that is super old fashioned but she looks really young and fresh wearing it. Impressive indeed. Continue reading