Kim Hye Yoon in Post Drama Interviews Discusses Her Performance and the Roles in MBC Drama Extraordinary You

In the end the whole was so much of a mess the individual lacking elements just feels not as integral a problem. MBC Wed-Thurs drama Extraordinary You probably generated more commentary than its low ratings warranted because it was the type of cult hit that was fertile ground for new talent. It sucks as a female viewer to say the men stood out more and the ladies were the weaker links but that’s just how I perceived the performances. Kim Hye Yoon was the female lead and had the most acting experience of the entire young cast but this was just NOT the role for her to play. She would have been a much better fit for the webtoon version of Dan Oh, bitchier and cooler but the drama version with her aegyo and forced spunkiness just drove me bonkers. She gave the obligatory post drama interview to the news media and discussed how she enjoyed filming the drama with so many close age fellow actors but felt that she didn’t really dive deep enough into the three characters she played (stage Dan Oh, shadow Dan Oh, and sageuk past life). When asked if she wants to play adult roles after two high school student performances, she’s not going to intentionally break out of her image of a high school student and wants to find a role that challenges her whether adult or student as it may. Continue reading