C-actress Fan Bing Bing Makes Entertainment Return Attending iQiyi Event in Beijing

The comeback has officially started for C-actress Fan Bing Bing after the most extreme fall from grace last year I’ve ever seen out of C-ent. The former top movie actress and CF model in all of China found herself as the face of celebrity tax evasion in 2018 and became the poster child for the government to use to set an example. She paid over $100 million US dollars in owed taxes and interest penalty combined and then laid low out of the limelight. It was clear she would eventually return but her comeback this April 22nd attending the 9th anniversary iQiyi (streaming portal) event was a mere six months since her tax evasion news last October 2018. That’s mighty fast to wage a comeback but it’s also clear her every move is at the largesse of the government so she got the green light and is forging ahead. If anything she looked great in a black and pink Alexander McQueen suit, still the height of fashion. Continue reading

China Tax Authority Summons 17 Top Stars to Meeting with mid-December Deadline to Repay Owed Taxes

The list is out and there are 17 names on it. The good news is that if a star’s name is on it that means said star is an A-lister and one of the top earners in C-ent. The bad … Continue reading

Li Chen Comes to the Rescue of Fiancee Fan Bing Bing’s Epic Drama Win the World After Leading Man Legal Troubles

This isn’t a case of the #MeToo movement but is instead an alleged crime that was reportedly in real life, but the entertainment world consequences are right up the same alley. C-actor Gao Yun Xiang, who is married to C-actress … Continue reading