C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Confirm Marriage on Her 31st Birthday

Aaaaaaand, it’s official ladies and gents! On C-actress Zhao Li Ying‘s 31st birthday this October 16th, 2018, she dropped the confirmation tabloids and netizens have been waiting for since rumors began percolating three months ago. We have a new powerhouse C-ent married couple as Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng posted on their SNS Weibo accounts at the same time today (10:07 am where the numbers are actually Feng Shao Feng’s birthday) to confirm their married status. She posted a picture of them (above) and wrote “official announcement” with a heart after, and he posted a hand holding up two marriage licenses and the message “Happy birthday, wifey!”.

The two each have plenty of successful C-dramas under their belts but it was working on the C-movie The Monkey King 3 (Ruler of Women’s Country) where sparks flew, and was extended and nurtured while filming the upcoming C-drama The Legend of Ming Lan (知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦 Don’t you know? The green should be plump and the red lean). Each have had confirmed dating and rumored dating aplenty with costars – Feng Shao Feng dated Ni Ni and Jelly Lin with a possible romance with Yang Mi while Zhao Li Ying has long been rumored to have dated Chen Xiao before he married Michelle Chen. I could care less about their various prior romances and am just happy to wish this newlywed couple happiness. And maybe also wish them a healthy pregnancy as Zhao Li Ying is rumored to be four months pregnant. Continue reading

First Character Posters of Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng for Period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan

Filming has started for high profile 2019 period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan, with the mouthful Chinese title of 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 (Zhi Fou Zhi Fou Ying Shi Lv Fei Hong Shou which means Don’t you know? The Green should be Plump and … Continue reading

C-drama Ice Fantasy with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Drop Visually Entertaining Trailer

Consider me pleasantly surprised and not at all unhappy that the initial gloom and doom prognostications for upcoming otherwordly C-drama Ice Fantasy may not have been warranted. The first teaser trailer is out and does not look bad at all, … Continue reading

Shu Qi Funny and Gorgeous for the C-version of My Best Friend’s Wedding with Male Lead Feng Shao Feng

I find the Chinese remake of 90’s Hollywood movie My Best Friend’s Wedding ridiculously well-cast even if two decades too late in terms of timing. The movie script for the original was terrible but the whole thing coasted on the mega-watt … Continue reading