Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won Go From Cool to Hair Pulling in First Teaser for Fight for My Way

Okay, these two look way to adorable together already, not that I’m surprised but am still very relieved. The first teaser is out for upcoming KBS drama Fight for My Way (Third Rate My Way), taking over the Mon-Tues time slot from the low rated Ms. Perfect. This drama definitely interests me a million times more than Park Seo Joon‘s last Mon-Tues KBS drama Hwarang, and maybe it’s all due to the hair. Without a hideous sageuk hair abomination on his head, Park Seo Joon looks charming as can be, and is matched equally in hair style cuteness and lipstick color with his costar Kim Ji Won. They are also exhibiting the quintessential hate will one day turn to love K-drama romantic chemistry, complete with mutually beating each other up ending with hair pulling galore. This is comedic flair I dig. Continue reading