MBC 2020 Drama Find Me in Your Memory with Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young is the Every Ingredient Works Crack Romance K-drama that Fills My Hearts with Waves of Emotion

There are plenty of good (and bad) K-dramas that slip through my cracks, even ones I intend to watch. It’s a thing called real life other stuff and timing, and sometimes I’m glad I avoided a hot mess. This weekend I learned in this case goodness I missed out on TWO YEARS of the best most nnnnnnggggg where have you been all my life K-drama romance crack in recent memory and all because a little thing call the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. MBC drama Find Me in Your Memory (Korean title That Man’s Memory Memoir) premiered in March 2020 and if anyone had much mental juice at that time for casual drama watching it wasn’t me, so I checked out the first episode and stopped midway through. I love Kim Dong Wook but Moon Ga Young hadn’t worked for me yet and the beginning of this drama was just set up so it didn’t hook me. And saying to myself that I would go back to watch turned into weeks and then months and obviously years. But during that time I would hear buzz and chatter that the OTP and chemistry of the two leads in this drama was on fire and this drama remained in the back of my mind.

As one C-netizen put it once: “these two are one foot in the registrars office already” i.e. they are ready to get their marriage license. Haha, love the creativity in the description and it was so many netizens swooning over “Anchor-nim and Yeo Ha Jin”. When this past weekend’s Shooting Star (Sh**ting Stars) had the two leads playing their characters back for a cameo and the short minute scene was enough to showcase to me what people were talking about – Moon Ga Young has such a spark and crispness in her character and Kim Dong Wook just made me knees melt with how suave he was coming off work and with that amazing voice and warm demeanor I’m surprised Yeo Jin even has the ability to do her job and pretend to make sparks with other actors haha. So anyways, I said enough is enough with my procrastinating and I clicked play on Find Me in Your Memory. To which I then proceeded to marathon the sucker for 10 hours straight (some forwarding of course) and now I am spent and in love and totally and utterly smiling cheek to cheek for Anchor-nim and Ha Jin-shhi. And I look like a sleep deprived panda, but it was so worth it.

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