Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Keep Up the Flirting at the Just You Wrap Party

The popular TW-drama Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall In Love with Me) wrapped filming last week and held its wrap party on the 16th to celebrate. This one definitely deserves the celebratory mood, with the ratings on a steady upward climb since its premiere and was the nightly leader on the normal slow Friday time slot. I was more excited prior to its premiere since I like leads Aaron Yan and Puff Guo, and the first few episodes were cute but ultimately there was no compelling story to be told so my brain checked out. At the wrap party, Aaron was the rabble rouser, contrasted with his character Qi Yi in the drama, someone who was a stickler for organization and rules and couldn’t handle his liquor. At the wrap party, Aaron was the first to raise a glass in toast and forced everyone to drink with him, with none daring to say no the Big Boss from their drama. He also served as the MC for the event, and later Puff was lured onstage as well at the behest of the crowd. The audience (i.e. cast and crew) chanted for them to kiss, and Puff got so embarrassed she pulled second male lead Fujioka Dean up on stage claiming she wanted to “shoot two condors with one arrow” and got a simultaneous cheek kiss from both cuties. But the audience didn’t let her off the hook so in the end Aaron and Puff kissed for the crowd to plenty of cheers. The drama still has to air a few more episodes, but with filming wrapped, Puff is taking a week off for an island holiday and will dive back into recording for the upcoming Dream Girls album. Aaron has his solo concerts to prep for and expressed envy that Puff could take a vacation right now. She teased that he had to come with her next time. If these two want to keep stoking the flames with their flirtation, go right on ahead and I’ll keep on watching with a bemused expression. Continue reading