Ishihara Satomi and Fukushi Sota Team Up for TBS Summer J-dorama Heaven?: Gokuraku Resutoran

I feel myself hungry for a new J-dorama and the dish I select is the manga adapted Heaven?:Gokuraku Resutoran (Heaven?: My Restaurant, My Life) thanks to the star casting of leads I love Ishihara Satomi and Fukushi Sota. She’s delightfully animated and he’s gorgeously deadpan, and in this story their character personalities even mirror their acting styles, lol. It’s about a kooky girl who rounds up a motley crew to open a French restaurant in a cemetery space and it goes about as well as you expect, but perhaps exactly as she expected. It’s based on the same name manga from the early 2000s and the first episode got over 10% ratings nationwide which isn’t bad. My summer could be a lot worse than enjoying good food and wine and staring at Satomi/Sota together onscreen. Continue reading

Japanese Female Viewers Love Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu by a Landslide for the Fall TV Season

Looks like I unexpectedly hitched myself to the breakout J-dorama hit of the fall season with Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu. It really is a surprise because renzouku doramas have not done well with ratings in Japan in over a decade, … Continue reading

Snapshot of the Most Popular Japanese Actors of 2014 From Popular Year End Polls

The end of the year starts counting down now and with it comes the unending stream of polls, surveys, and lists. Which makes it a good time to check back in with Japan entertainment to see how the tastes have … Continue reading