Hidden Camera Discovered in Women’s Bathroom Stall of KBS Studios Where Long Running Variety Show Gag Concert is Filmed

I mean like, ewwwwww. So many levels of disgusting and awful and goodness it makes yet another reason to never leave the house. Hidden cameras have been a scourge in South Korea for many years now, mostly in women’s bathroom stalls toilet seats and also changing rooms. Normally I would say it’s just a fetish for a small sliver of men but turns out in South Korea “hidden camera” is the top porn search word, and that over much more mainstream searches like maybe hot coeds or something less bodily fluid related. K-ent started this week off with the breaking news that a hidden camera was discovered in the toilet seat of a woman’s bathroom stall in the KBS building and the level where Gag Concert is filmed. GC is the longest running variety show in SK over 21 years strong and so many female comedians, singers, and actresses have been part of the cast or guest starred. I hope the perp(s) are apprehended and made public, and that building facilities in SK do regular checks for hidden cameras going forward.

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