George Hu Sheds Handsome Leading Man Image to Share Hilarious Derpy Side with Fans

SETTV trotted out a splashy round up of leading men for its second half 2014 TW-drama line up and no one had a clue which drama would end up the ratings or quality winner. Months later and the verdict is a resounding win for George Hu and I couldn’t agree more. He had the arguably less prestigious daily drama slot with Love Cheque Charge, while Lin Yo Wei headlined the Sunday night drama Say Yes Again I Do while the network doubled the leading men with Chris Wang and Lego Lee for Friday night’s Aim High. In the end the viewers, myself included, overwhelmingly enjoyed LCC the most. I’ve been pimped out LCC here and there when I can but I’m not sure if any English subbing group ever picked it up.

Leading lady Yuan Ai Fei takes a while to settle down, and does have an irritating tendency to gape from time to time, but her acting improved by leaps and bounds and the lead chemistry was phenomenal. Even better was both leads playing really wonderful characters and second male lead Kun Da‘s role actually being just as touching and meaningful. George’s character of He Bu Fan was also my absolute favorite of all the leading me he’s ever played, with all the handsome smart visuals paired with a witty and sarcastic low key personality. Which is why it’s such a contrast to see the real George being so derpy, as evidenced by the video below making the TW-ent rounds of George attempting a back flip. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve watched all month. Continue reading

SETTV Holds Thank You Banquet with Stars and Brand Sponsors in Attedance

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SETTV Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge with George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei Releases Cute First Teasers

I always welcome a good daily drama which feels like an unassuming watch that takes nothing out of me. Commitment is not needed since one can stop and go without missing much, and it’s perfect as treadmill fodder. In the … Continue reading

TVBS Magazine Releases Top-10 Most Powerful Star Ranking in Taiwan

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The Pretty Faces of SETTV Dramas Playfully Welcome the Holidays for December Spop Magazine

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