Ghastly with No Min Woo and Han Eun Jung gets Ready for Premiere

We can’t have the Summer movie season in Korea without a requisite horror movie to scare the ladies into whimpering on their boyfriends’ shoulders. Ghastly (Korea title is Parasite), starring No Min Woo, Han Eun Jung, and T-ara‘s Hyomin, held a press conference today and the movie is coming out in early August. I confess to being a horror movie junkie as a kid (Elvira! I love your……sense of style), but have since then completely lost my stomach for the genre. While I still love a great psychological thriller, like The Tale of Two Sisters with Im Soo Jung and Moon Geun Young, but straight horror I leave to the youngsters to enjoy. Have a look at some stills and the trailer for the movie. No Min Woo plays a detective investigating a murder that leads to a orphaned child potentially being possessed by an vengeful spirit. I’m sure the movie is less about the story making sense but about all the moody camera tricks to scare the living crap out of everyone.  Continue reading