KBS Fri-Sat Time-travel K-drama Go Back Spouses with Son Ho Joon and Jang Nara Readies for Premiere

With the Answer Me series going successively earlier in time it’s easy to forget that the first installment did a relatively recent nostalgia trip to 1997. Upcoming KBS Fri-Sat drama Go Back Spouses will return to that era of the late 90’s as unhappily married lead characters played by Son Ho Joon and Jang Nara time-travel back to 1999 when their characters are in college and thereby get a second chance to pick someone else. I loved the oldie HK drama Cherished Moments but in that drama only the wife went back and of course she ended up picking the same man because the corollary of time-travel do overs never trumps the even more important drama principle that true love finds each other always. It’s way more narratively intriguing for both spouses to go back and try to avoid each other, and still end up together but hopefully this time have the insights to make it work. I thoroughly enjoyed the previews and promos for Go Back Spouses, the cute Macarena teaser was fun but a tad concerning because recent KBS flop Manhole also did a funny dance teaser. Here’s hoping Go Back Spouses is as entertaining a drama to watch as the promos. Continue reading