Major 80’s Shoulder Pads Announce Fashion Return on Han Hyo Joo and Kim Hee Ae

Holy fashion fail 80’s! I can’t believe I’m seeing this but the big shoulder pads on women wearing blazers trend from the 1980’s appears to be poised for a revival. Which means I’m getting my scissors ready along with needle and thread to cut it out of my suit jackets and sew those babies back to slim perfection. Sometimes I wonder if big shoulder pads would have worked if the ladies in the 80’s didn’t also sport equally huge hair that was permed, teased, and hairsprayed to the sky. Seeing Han Hyo Joo and Kim Hee Ae at a recent fashion event in Seoul borrowing from the wardrobe of Signourney Weaver in Working Girl, clearly modern hair still can’t make big shoulder pads work so thanks for the confirmation and warning, ladies! Continue reading