K-drama Perfume Finalizes Main Cast of Shin Sung Rok, Go Won Hee, Cha Ye Ryun, and Kim Min Kyu

The scent is quite fresh with the final casting of fantasy romance drama Perfume, after some bumps with the original names floated I quite like this unexpected quartet. Filming will commence shortly for the late spring 2019 K-drama Perfume so it’s a relief the confirmed cast came together so quickly after initial leads Eric and Go Jun Hee ended up passing. The male lead is the long overdue for a romance role Shin Sung Rok and rising up to female lead of Go Won Hee who I’ve seen in plenty of K-dramas in supporting roles. The second leads will be Cha Ye Ryun and Kim Min Kyu and honestly this foursome is really a new combo and I’m so down with it. Perfume will air on KBS Mon-Tues starting in early June. Continue reading

KBS Drama Your House Helper Looks Like a Bougie Brunch in Drama Posters and Previews

K-dramas are being preempted starting this week left and right on the prime time channels due to World Cup coverage. That means new KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your House Helper won’t premiere this week despite predecessor Suits wrapping up past week, … Continue reading