K-ent Remarks on tvN Drama Trend of Male Leads with Godly Abilities Taking Over for Chaebol Types

The Korean media has noted the similarity of recently premiered tvN’s Bride of the Water God with the network’s last big hit drama Goblin, namely on the trend of creating powerful male leads with godly abilities and good looks. OSEN recently wrote about how the cable network is leading the charge with what may become a trend in male leads that supplants the long running tendency to have chaebol or chaebol heir male leads, instead using magical ability in lieu of monetary wealth. Gong Yoo created such a memorable portrayal of an all power and all lonely immortal goblin that it’s quite big shoes for Nam Joo Hyuk to fill in trying to build up the character of the immortal Water God Habaek. So far audience reaction has been mixed and I’m fairly confused as well, he’s insanely easy on the eyes but if I focus on pure acting ability there isn’t enough heft there to elevate the portrayal. With that said, the godly male character is usually attractive enough with the fantasy elements much like a chaebol type that male leads will be hard pressed not to win hearts playing such a role. Only time will tell if this is indeed a new K-drama character trend. Continue reading

Goblin and Gong Yoo Lead the Nominations for the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards

The nominations are out for the 53rd annual Baeksang Arts Awards, to be held on May 3rd in Seoul. Leading the pack on the television side of the nominations is last year’s runaway cable drama hit Goblin: The Lonely and … Continue reading

Legend of the Blue Sea Tops Chosun Daily Readers Poll of Favorite 2016 K-drama

Another poll result has hit the internet waves and this one feels like the readers had their hands on the pulse the entire time. Online newspaper Chosun Daily which despite it’s name is a Chinese publication covering all news in … Continue reading