Show Luo Pisses Off Everyone by Posting 7000 Word Weibo Love Letter Remembrance and Apology to Ex-girlfriend Grace Chow on 520 Love Day

As if his habitual and incessant cheating wasn’t enough, TW actor-singer-host Show Luo managed to one-up his own level of douchebaggery today and do so in a way to inflict maximum emotional harm. Show posted a nearly 7000 word (that’s long!) Weibo post complete with pictures titled “Boy and Girl” which earnestly recounted his entire romance with now ex-girlfriend Grace Chow. From their meeting, first date, meeting mom, hanging out, building their careers, traveling together, fights, he went to town on sharing so much which would have been sweet but for the fact that Grace told the world Show was cheating on her with countless women nearly every day of their 9 year relationship. Including orgies!

Like, he totally forgot to mention all of her accusations and made the post sound so sad and romance and ended with a heartfelt apology. Netizens are having NONE OF IT and some famous Weibo voices are even calling Show a sociopath because this post released on 520 day could only have been to emotionally mindfuck Grace and make her relive the happy days of their relationship. Yo Show you asswipe, you already said she was happy with you, didn’t regret dating you, but you are not worth it and she’s moved on. Netizens are also saying Show is only doing this to redeem himself lest he be blackballed in China in his entertainment career. Please blackball him, even better if its everywhere.

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