The Leads of Wok of Love Stir Up Laughter with Plenty of Swagger

I can’t wait for the next SBS Mon-Tues drama Wok of Love (Greasy Melo), taking over the first week of May after Shall We Kiss First. It’s the return of Jang Hyuk to the fun role with a side of romance dished up with tasty Chinese cooking. He’s joined by leads Jung Ryeo Won and Junho as the trio hang around a neighborhood Chinese restaurant joint with their unique drama written characters. Jang Hyuk is a gangster who owns the building the restaurant is in, Jung Ryeo Won a rich girl who loves horseback riding, and Junho a former top chef now resorting to cooking in this small town joint. The teasers below are charming and mores to the point make me smile in anticipation of a fun spring K-drama to watch. Continue reading