Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day with Alice Ke and Breakout Actor Greg Han Wraps Up Successful Run

I totally missed the premiere of TW-drama Someday or One Day (Chinese title Wanting to See You) but I’m glad now I can sit down and marathon this baby as the drama aired its final episode this weekend. The drama stars Alice Ke and rookie young actor Greg Han (Hsu Kuang Han) playing dual roles in a time travel/fantasy mobius strip of a romance and mystery drama. It’s from the production team behind Marry Me or Not and In Time With You, two amazing TW-dramas so clearly the script and cinematography is going to be first rate. The drama has been a major success in Taiwan with ratings always going up and the story and cast getting tons of newspaper and online coverage during the drama’s run. It’s set in 2019 and alternatively 1998, with Alice playing a 27 year old woman in 2019 and then a high school student in 1998 who look identical, and same with Greg’s characters. Check out the English subbed long preview and find a free weekend to dive in! Continue reading