Han So Hee in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Gyeongsang Creature Opposite Park Seo Joon

I feel like I’ve seen this show before – the ingenue that comes out of nowhere and after one memorable role is cast in a succession of high profile gigs, and then kinda doesn’t live up to expectation. The last bit hasn’t happened (yet) but K-actress Han So Hee is definitely the It Girl of 2021 after playing the mistress role in The World of the Married in 2020. She’s back on the small screen next with Nevertheless with Song Kang and also headlining the cable drama Undercover. She was also in talks to replace Seo Ye Ji in Island but that didn’t pan out. Now K-ent is reporting that she’s been offered the female lead in period drama Gyeongsang Creature opposite Park Seo Joon which is a mega high profile project. It’s slated for production in 2022 but still, her name being in sooooo many projects just makes me feel like someone in K-ent is trying to make her happen, and I feel the same way with a K-actor like Song Kang who gets cast in show after show. If she really has the chops then it’s fine but dang the pressure is totally on her.

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