tvN Cancels Press Conference for Record of Youth and Premiere Still Scheduled for September 7th After Park Bo Gum Enlists in the Military

I’m sad not to get a final farewell to K-actor Park Bo Gum before he enlists for military service, as tvN has rightfully cancelled the press conference for upcoming K-drama Record of Youth due to the surge of COVID-19 in South Korea. But then the network released more teasers and stills and I’m happy to really get a better sense of this drama and with it a sense of relief that it really does look good. It’s like an Answer Me 1988 if Tak wanted to be a male actor/model instead of a chess player, haha. The strength will be in the family units that ground the two male leads in their dream quest to succeed in a relentless entertainment world. Park Bo Gum has a mom, dad, and grandpa as his support network and the interactions are beyond heartwarming. From the previews female lead Park So Dam seems to have a crush on Park Bo Gum so no love triangle in sight, and hopefully just a sweet young love to add further emotional resonance to this drama.

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A First Impressions Review of A President and A Princess

When I do something late at night that seemed like such a brilliant idea, in the stark daylight I have to wonder – what was I smoking? I’ll probably give certain esteemed drama watchers an apoplexy, but nevertheless I went … Continue reading