K-netizens Come Up with Dream Sageuk Pairings that Will Break 10% Ratings and Milk the Tears

The Ji Soo debacle in River Where the Moon Rises has rekindled the gripe K-netz has with younger actor/actress casting in sageuk, which is held to a much higher standard thanks to the record breaking ratings in the early Hallyu days for 50-episode epics that required fortitude and intense acting prowess to create. I thought Ji Soo’s acting in River was better than I expected (lol I had bottom of the barrel expectations going in) but he’s still not on par with what an actor with strong foundation can deliver. Even someone as young as Yeo Jin Gu playing a teen prince in The Moon Embracing the Sun shows that it’s not age but ability, screen presence, and sageuk diction. A new post circulating among drama K-nets is a collection of 5 dream pairings complete with one sentence synopsis of dream actor/actress cast in a romance sageuk scenario. These pairings K-netz guarantees would break 10% ratings AND milk everyone’s blood, sweat, and tears. When I read it I just went OMG totally! Check it out below and chime in.

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Kim Hye Ja and Jung Woo Sung Take Home the Drama and Movie Daesangs at the 2019 Baeksang Arts Award

The 2019 Baeksang Arts Award was actually good for once, the winners moreso than the fashion which remains an uninspiring and safe sea of black and white gowns. Veteran queen Kim Hye Ja deservingly took home the Daesang (Grand Prize) … Continue reading