Ha Ji Won Attends Busan Film Festival Event in Edgy Awkward Suit

Suits are one clothing style that I steadfastly believe classic is the best, any person looks good in a classic style suit that is well tailored and sized. Anything deviating from the well tailored classic single breasted suit needs to be evaluated on a per outfit basis, as even a double breasted suit can run afoul if one doesn’t have the height for it. K-actress Ha Ji Won is wrapping up her currently airing Wed-Thurs MBC drama Hospital Ship but made time to take a quick trip to Busan to attend an event at the Busan International Film Festival. Her hair is a tad longer than the short bob she debuted for the drama and for the event she chose a wide shouldered suit with a single large button taper in the middle fanning into a flare at the waist paired with a bell bottom suit pants. It just does not look good on her, perhaps if the suit was split there would be a way to make either the top or bottom portion look cool paired with a contrasting and complementary item. Here she just looks too matchy matchy in an awkward way. Continue reading