Ha Ji Won Experiences Four Outfit Fails Promoting C-movie Manhunt in Taiwan

One unfortunate outfit for a star is enough for media to write a post about, but to do it in four successive events is quite a feat and my beloved Ha Ji Won did just that in Taiwan this week. Ha Ji Won was in Taipei to promote upcoming C-movie Manhunt directed by John Woo with her having a supporting role, continuing to expand her resume into Chinese with savvy choices. She’s still sporting the awful straight bangs blunt above the shoulder hair style she sported for recently aired K-drama Hospital Ship, and coupling that unattractive hair choice with four sartorially challenged outfits was a compounded disaster. The giant bow on her black and white outfit is about to swallow her whole, the one-shoulder orange sweater looks cheap, she went 80’s Working Girl in the blue double breasted suit jacket with giant shoulder pads, and last and probably the best look out of the four was a yellow sweater with shoulder buttons paired with a leather mini skirt ensemble. Please hire a new coordi sweetheart! Continue reading