K-actress Ham So Won Marries Aspiring C-idol 18 Years Her Junior After 6 Months Dating

Hoo boy is this an awkward wedding to cover, and honestly both of them seen like total attention lovers so this may be just what they were aiming for. That, and the usual we’re so in love speech, of course. Former Miss Korea 1997 contestant turned aspiring actress Ham So Won is making what may be her biggest news moment in K-ent this week with the reveal that she has registered marriage with her much younger boyfriend of just six months. The groom is Chinese idol-turned-weibo star Chen Hua (Jin Hua in Korean) who is just 23 years old to Ham So Won’s 42 years old, and his family has reportedly cut all ties and disowned him for marrying her, and her own mother told her to “stop it” but she went ahead with the wedding. Chen Hua also revealed that he gets a spending money stipend of almost $1000 US dollars a month from his wife and loves spending time with her. Ahahaha I can’t even, and on top of all this are the hella awkward wedding pictures to boot. Continue reading