The Smiling Cast of SBS Weekend Drama Let Me Introduce Her Color Coordinated at Press Conference

I’m a sucker for a good group selfie and this is just adorable as the cast of weekend drama Let Me Introduce Her (About Her) showed off their brightest smiles and best knee bends for the ladies. Even better is how perfectly the cast is color and outfit coordinated, this was a concerted group effort to dress in different colors with each donning a one-color only ensemble. Love it! This is quite a cast of main leads with nearly everyone having a drama I loved: Nam Sang Mi with Time Between Dog and Wolf, I’m on an OST kick with Kim Jae Won‘s Scandal, it’s good to see Jo Hyun Jae back looking like a chaebol cutie much like his Only You self, and it was such a pleasant surprise to see Yang Jin Sung in the mix after not seeing her since Bride of the Century. The drama about a woman who loses her memory when she gains a new face via plastic surgery and has to retrace her steps to find out the mystery of her past premieres this weekend on SBS. Continue reading

Part I and II of Allure Korea’s Peek Into Actresses Prepping for Year End Awards

The 2010 Year End Drama Awards for the major Korean networks were just a scant month ago, yet somewhere it feels like a year has passed. Allure Korea did a photospread on various actresses as they primped and prepared for … Continue reading