Filming Starts on Kim Soo Hyun’s Noir Thriller Movie Real

Count me in among the group of Kim Soo Hyun fans who are happy that the insane hype around him is slowing down. Even if he’s still crazy popular in Korea and overseas, the intense scrutiny over his next project after the astronomical success of You From Another Star was basically setting him up to not reach anyone’s expectations. Except I really liked Producer and loved his character and performance in there, it was a way better choice than the usual fluff K-drama. Up next for Kim Soo Hyun is the big budget movie Real, which just started filming as the cast gathered for a happy group shot above last week. The supporting cast is strong with the veterans in Lee Sung Min and Sung Dong Il, but seemingly week with the ladies in Han Ji Eun and Sulli. Kim Soo Hyun plays a ruthless criminal world fixer who gets fixated with building a casino empire, and the project is described as a noir thriller with Kim Soo Hyun playing a straight up baddie. Continue reading