Script Reading for Handsome Guy and Jung Eum Brings Back Can You Hear My Heart Feels

Gosh darn it this is just the right kind of nostalgia feels I need right now. Script reading took place last week at the SBS studios for upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, which I’m sure SBS will saddle with a hilarious English title down the road. The leads Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum are reuniting 7 years after weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart had them playing non-OTP fake brother and sister with the usual fauxcest crush on his part. This was one drama that I wished there were two female leads, one for each of the awesome male leads, so this reunion is like hitting a sweet spot I didn’t know I still had. Bring back all the feels, you two, and also make a great rom-com while you’re at it. Continue reading