Hani in Hawaii Embodies the Summer Vibe in Breezy Discovery Expedition Pictorial

Summer days reminds me at times of the fleeting shelf life of idol stars, even more precarious than their acting colleagues as popularity hinges on one song or even one performance. EXID‘s Hani is someone who was everywhere two summers ago when the group’s hit “Up and Down” propelled her to near instantaneous super stardom. Last year she was also quite popular but this summer I don’t see or hear of her as much so it’s a nice surprise to see her in a fantastic Discovery Expedition CF pictorial. The brand gets priceless exposure thanks to signing on Gong Yoo years ago but it’s nice to see a female face modeling the outfits and reminding that we should be out catching surf and rays before the summer days wane and fall descends. I’m not sure if Hani will ever be as famous as she was two years ago but if she’s properly planned out her career she’s certainly beautiful and charming enough to find a lasting niche.  Continue reading