C-ent Abuzz with Rumor Hans Zhang and Janine Chang are Married, Will Announce in October

C-ent rumors are about 80% hot, hot juicy honest to goodness tabloid gems and 20% random shit made up. It’s a high hit rate and also there have been some wild pairings, breakups, and cheating scandals in just the last ten years since social media and the new crop of Chinese stars conquered the scene. This week is off to the races with gossip that C-actor Hans Zhang and TW-actress Janine Chang are actually married, officially, and will announce it publicly in October. The two have starred in two dramas together period drama The Four and crazy romance drama Here to Heart, and obviously have shippers and they are very pretty together. But his side has swiftly denied the rumors and honestly this one seems out of left field so I’ll reserve judgment on whether their Cosmo Bride pictorial from years ago was foreshadowing or just cosplay. Continue reading

New Wedding Announcement in C-ent as Dating Stars Hans Zhang and Gu Li Na Zha Obtain Marriage Registration

The summer wedding news finally shifts from Korean entertainment and unexpectedly took a detour to Mainland China. C-ent is buzzing heading into the weekend with popular acting stars Hans Zhang and Gu Li Na Zha confirmed to have gotten married! … Continue reading

Park Min Young Continues to Rock the C-wuxia Costume in New Stills for Braveness of the Ming

I’ve seen so many disappointing C-dramas to expect much from upcoming period drama Braveness of the Ming. I’m only following along with the filming since it’s K-actress Park Min Young‘s first C-drama and she looks so unexpectedly fantastic in this … Continue reading

Park Min Young and Hans Zhang Looking Fantastic in First Braveness of the Ming Drama Stills

Color me genuinely impressed with the early results from K-actress Park Min Young‘s foray into Chinese dramas. While idol-actress Suzy was reportedly the production’s first choice as leading lady, ultimately I think it worked out wonderfully all around for Park … Continue reading

Filming Begins on Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower 3 with Hans Zhang and Swapped Female Lead Gui Gui

It’s probably just coincidental timing that Hana Yori Dango is back in the news these days what with the Japanese tabloids gossiping about the J-dorama leads Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao maybe dating and even more maybe getting married. It’s … Continue reading