Joyful and Emotional Reunion Between Heechul and Kibum of Super Junior Brings Back All the Feels

Holy shit someone should have given me warning for this reunion because imma almost collapsed from joy and shock. Kim Heechul is the host of  KBS2’s variety show Some-Vival 1+1 and this week even he was surprised and thrilled to see as a guest his former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum. Heechul and Kibum were probably the most famous two SuJu members at the debut having starred in KBS teen drama Banolim prior. Kibum officially left SM Entertainment in 2015 but really it was much earlier after he was missing fro the Sorry, Sorry album and SM confirmed in 2010 he wasn’t doing any SuJu promotions. I’ve missed him so and so has Heechul from the looks of it. This was a reunion for all the feels. Continue reading

Gong Hyo Jin and Heechul Join Top C-stars at 2015 Fashion Cosmo Gala

The stars were out in full style (good, bad, and weird) at the 2015 Fashion Cosmo Gala in Shanghai this week. There were plenty of industry renowned fashion plates present such as idol Show Luo, just married Angelababy, model-actress Bea Hayden … Continue reading

Stars Light Up the VIP Premiere of Song Seung Heon’s Explicit New Movie Obsessed

It’s past mid-May which means the full blown Summer movie season is just ramping up in a low key way. Kicking things off a bit early for the K-box office is the Song Seung Heon explicitly-rated affair movie Obsessed. I’ve posted … Continue reading

Aaron Yan Filming New TW-drama with Tia Li as Puff Guo Returns to Korea to Join Heechul for We Got Married

Taiwan dramas hasn’t produced an onscreen drama couple quite as popular as Aaron Yan paired with Puff Guo in quite some time. The heydays of Joe Cheng–Ariel Lin or Rainie Yang–Mike He are long past, and occasionally there is a … Continue reading