Cable Drama Her Legend Brings On the Lulz with Collective Crazy-eyed Acting

I’ll leave it up to the fans of the cable network jTBC drama Her Legend (Her Myth) to convince me otherwise, but holy Batman does this drama look ridiculous and sound equally insane. Cruel City (Heartless City) has already cemented its place as one of the best K-dramas of 2013, so it was with excitement that I looked forward to what jTBC had in store as the follow up drama to take over the CC timeslot. When I heard about the synopsis and saw the casting for Her Legend, my interest dipped dramatically but I still gamely checked out the first two episodes. I found it basically a mash up of all the makjang K-drama tropes presented awkwardly – Choi Jung Won is an orphan taken in by her poor aunt and uncle who has a same-age daughter played by Son Eun Seo, a childless rich woman wants to adopt Choi Jung Won but gets into a car accident and has amnesia, the aunt passes off her own daughter Son Eun Seo as Choi Jung Won and off she goes and is adopted in her place with Choi Jung Won none the wiser, years pass and Son Eun Seo comes back as a trained designer while Choi Jung Won is basically self-taught and sells bags at the market, the two girls end up working closely and getting into tangled love lines with handbag company heir Kim Jung Hoon and the manager of the store Park Yoon Jae. The set-up bores me to death because it involves a clueless Candy heroine who gets her lucky fate stolen by her selfish aunt and cousin, and then constantly gets put down and backstabbed by the cousin who is desperate not to have her identity outed. After watching the first two episodes and pressing delete on this drama’s existence, I would have never even checked back in but for accidentally running across some new episode screencaps and promptly laughing my head off on the “acting” of the four leads. None of them are good actors IMO though serviceable in the past in the right role, but this is some of the worst collective acting by an entire case in recent memory. I have no clue what this drama’s typical overwrought plot has turned into or whether they are being asked to act like they are filming a documentary for a medical condition involving eye-bulging. These pictures are too awesome not to share, with the picture above easily worth a thousand words. Be careful not to be drinking anything you don’t want splashed all over your keyboard and computer when you check out the screencaps. Now I’m curious and actually want to watch this drama for the lulz factor. Continue reading

Her Legend with Choi Jung Won and Kim Jung Hoon Release First Stills and Teaser

Fashion is like the sinkhole of K-dramas. I seriously cannot think of a single K-drama that centered around the fashion world or even tangentially related to fashion where it wasn’t either a hot mess of epic proportions (Fashion King, Cinderella … Continue reading