C-netizens Howl in Outrage Over the Hot Mess C-drama Here to Heart with Janine Chang and Hans Zhang

Watching a C-drama requires taking some antacids and mentally prepping for endless cups of frustration. Even that doesn’t seem to be enough for those who watched recently aired romance Here to Heart, adapted from a novel so the story line should be all set but the drama nopes it ways into “dog blood” (i.e. makjang) territory anyways. Starring Hans Zhang and Janine Chang, keep up with the viewer feedback on this drama has been a drama in itself and particularly entertaining. Apparently the leads were reduced to guest starring roles based on their screen time and any novel sweet moments were cut from the drama and there were additional roadblocks thrown in to keep them apart. Feel free to vent about Here to Heart and if anyone is curious check it out for some unintentional entertainment of the so bad it’s good variety. Continue reading