Kimura Takuya’s Actress Wife Kudo Shizuka and Model Daughter Koki Pay Tribute to the Fashion Trend Setting Light Brown Windbreaker He Wore for J-dorama Hero on 20th Anniversary

Has it really been 20 years? J-actor Kimura Takuya has had many dorama hits in his career and one of the most popular was legal dorama Hero, which spawned a sequel, an SP, two movies, and even a reboot. The original aired in 2001 so this year is the 20th anniversary, and his wife Kudo Shizuka and youngest daughter Koki both paid really sweet tribute by posting pictures of them wearing KimuTaku’s iconic light brown windbreaker from the series. After Hero aired, that windbreaker sold out everywhere and knockoffs abounded, and reportedly KimuTaku kept the original so it may actually be the one seen on his wife and daughter so yay for cherished memories.

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