Netizens Satisfied J-actor Higashide Masahiro Paying the Price of Cheating on Wife Watanabe Ann

The most frustrating and high profile celeb cheating scandal in Asian entertainment was definitely last year in Hong Kong when Andy Hui cheated on wife Sammi Cheng with rising young actress Jacqueline Wong. It was annoying to see him crying, snot and ugly face and all, and then get forgiven by Sammi and taken back. I know it’s her decision but dude was only sorry because he got caught and honestly a tinny slap on the wrist feels so demoralizing to see as a woman. This week J-ent is mesmerized by J-actor Higashide Masahiro cheating with aspiring actress Karata Erika on his wife of 5 years Watanabe Ann, with the couple having three kids under the age of 5 together. Higashide isn’t getting off easy – he’s been kicked out of the house and is renting a place, his CF endorsements have terminated his contract and is demanding breach of contract payments from him, and there are new reports that he also cheated on Ann with another actress and has been pursuing costars he’s worked with on dramas and movies during the entire time he’s married. OMG please cancel this douche! But I am sad because I love Confidence Man JP and the latest movie Confidence Man JP: Princess is supposed to be released May 2020 and now it’s not as certain. Continue reading

Married J-stars Watanabe Ann and Higashide Masahiro Separated After He’s Caught Cheating on Her with 20 Year Old Costar Karata Erika

This sucks, why can’t men be faithful or simply not get married and make a promise they can’t keep. J-ent is starting the lunar new year off with a major scandal as a tabloid reported that married acting couple Watanabe … Continue reading