South Korean Court Rejects Director Hong Sang Soo’s Divorce Petition as He Continues to Date Actress Kim Min Hee

This is such a frustrating story to cover, I almost wish the threesome in question would reach a practical settlement and move forward. This week the South Korean court handling award winning director Hong Sang Soo‘s divorce petition rejected it, leaving him still married to his wife of nearly thirty years. Hong Sang Soo is for all intents and purposes not married in fact to his wife as he’s been publicly dating actress Kim Min Hee since 2016 after the two worked on a movie together and fell in love despite the over 20-year age gap and more importantly his married status.

His wife has thus far refused to divorce him and now he can’t do anything about it unilaterally as SK courts do not accept divorce petitions from the party in the wrong, and in this case since he committed adultery he’s considered the at fault party because SK law does not allow no-fault divorces. He would either have to get his wife to agree to the divorce (fat chance) or show the courts its in her best interest to be divorce and there is no harm to her (also fat chance). So he continues to be legally married to wife and for all daily life purposes dating Kim Min Hee. Continue reading