Cannes Festival Snafu as B1A4’s Jinyoung is Accidentally Listed as Male Lead Opposite Kim Min Hee in On the Beach Alone at Night

This is an awkward mix up to have but no harm no foul I guess. Director Hong Sang Soo‘s art house flick On the Beach at Nigh Alone is screening at the Cannes Film Festival and it remains to be seen if the movie gets the same positive feedback here as it did at the Berlin Film Festival. It was there that leading lady Kim Min Hee won Best Actress and also where she stepped out with still married director Hong Sang Soo as a couple. The movie is apparently a riff on their illicit romance with Kim Min Hee playing a movie star dealing with romancing a older married director, but for the Cannes screening there was a major mix up as older male lead Jung Jin Young was swapped for idol-actor Jung Jin Young of B1A4. This isn’t even about all Asians look alike or have confusingly similar sounding names, the twenty year age gap of the two guys turns On the Beach into a different movie, one of a noona and her dongsaeng romance lol. I’m sure Jinyoung wouldn’t mind being mentioned at Cannes except hopefully one day it will correctly for a movie he’s starring in. Continue reading