Estranged Wife of Hong Sang Soo Gives First News Interview and Blames Kim Min Hee for Putting Her Through Hell

The messy pending divorce case of Korean director Hong Sang Soo and his estranged wife took another step in the court of public opinion as his wife has given her first onscreen interview to MBC. When asked about how she is proceeding after Hong Sang Soo’s side attempted for the third time to serve the divorce petition on her, she replied that she had nothing to say on that. Hong Sang Soo’s wife believes that her husband will still come back to her, explaining that she is not considering divorce and believes her husband to be the kind of man that will return to her. She called out Kim Min Hee as putting her through hell, claiming that she had a loving relationship with her husband until he met Kim Min Hee, and now he looks at Kim Min Hee with loving eyes like a man in love for the first time. The wife says she will wait until her husband returns to her. Continue reading