IU in Serious Talks for Hong Sisters Upcoming tvN Fantasy Drama Hotel De Luna

My love-hate relationship with the Hong Sisters continues, with too much baggage for it to ever delve into straight up loathing but honestly I’m just along for the curiosity rather than optimism of a well-written drama ahead. The two ladies continue to rummage up interesting ideas, much like they tried with their last drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) adapting The Journey to the West but failing wholly on execution and mainly on the OTP. Their next drama will also be on cable network tvN and remains a fantasy, this time a magical hotel called Hotel de Luna which looks like a rundown and dilapidated lodging to human eyes but to those with magical/ghostly sight it reveals it opulent interior. The hotel is residence to the female lead, a thousand year old ghost who had committed the worst crime ever and cannot leave the premises. She’s beautiful and serene on the outside but rude and arrogant in personality. Singer-actress IU is reportedly in serious talks for the female lead and my gut tells me she’ll take it since the story/character sounds so interesting and even the Hong Sisters flop dramas generate buzz and ratings. Continue reading