Hotel Del Luna Confirmed for Remake as Hollywood Show by Skydance Television in Collaboration with CJ E&M Subsidiary Studio Dragon

I love serendipity and on the same week that K-drama premiered a new show that reminds of the best part of last year’s hit fantasy series Hotel Del Luna comes news that there will be a new life for the story. Call it reincarnation if you will, apropos of the theme of the drama, with Hotel Del Luna moving across the Pacific and being remade as a US show by Skydance Television in collaboration with CJ E&M subsidiary Studio Dragon. I think this drama could work as a remake because the broad strokes of the concept could be applied in the US setting and with a different directorial take. Leading the remake is the producer of the show Altered Carbon and this remake is the second in the recent year as the movie Snowpiercer has been remade into a US series.

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Sliding Scale of When Lead Onscreen Chemistry Saves or Sinks Preposterously Plotted K-dramas

Four episodes into watching K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch and it’s a steady stream of “buh” and “huh” and “snooze…..” The story may be disjointed but there have been way worse written K-dramas that have worked better thanks to the … Continue reading