K-netizens Clamor for an IU and Lee Do Hyun Drama Reunion Pairing After He Presents Her the Best Song Daesang at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards

Mememememe, count me in with the K-netizens! Actually the C-netizens are also jones-ing for this reunion pairing onscreen and if Lee Do Hyun can work with Go Min Si three times now the drama gods can and must absolutely give us his pairing with IU again. The two were in Hotel Del Luna together where she was the female lead but he was just the supporting male lead, I wouldn’t even call him second male lead and he was her past love/hate from their Goryeo era lives. HDL is where I became a Lee Do Hyun fan and it was half his character (totally my cup of angst tea) and his chemistry with IU (so playful and warm). I was sad they didn’t interact on stage for the Golden Disc Award presentation due to COVID protocols but it turns out they met up backstage as seen in the pictures above. My Chung Myung-Man Wol shipping heart is twirling with happiness.

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Watch an Entire Drama Love Story in One Picture: A Visual Homage to Some of the Best K-romances

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K-streaming Platform TVing Selects Best K-dramas of 2020 as Hospital Playlist in First Half and Start-Up in Second Half

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Sliding Scale of When Lead Onscreen Chemistry Saves or Sinks Preposterously Plotted K-dramas

Four episodes into watching K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch and it’s a steady stream of “buh” and “huh” and “snooze…..” The story may be disjointed but there have been way worse written K-dramas that have worked better thanks to the … Continue reading