First Character Stills for Nirvana in Fire 2 with Huang Xiaoming and Tong Li Ya

Most sequels tend to disappoint regardless of whether the original cast comes back. It’s hard to make lightning in a bottle twice but I’m mildly optimistic about the upcoming period C-drama Nirvana in Fire 2. It’s from the same production crew from screenwriter to director but with a completely unrelated story and new cast. The setting is fifteen years about the events of Nirvana in Fire and things in the Liang dynasty continue to be crappy towards patriotic warrior families that protect the crown but get stabbed in the back. This time it’s the Xiao family led by the patriarch father and his two sons. Huang Xiaoming plays the elder son with Tong Li Ya as his wife, and his story will take place in the first half of the drama before Liu Hao Ran‘s younger brother character becomes the focal point of the story. The first set of character stills are out and have the same costuming and brings back the feels from the epic original even without leads Hu Ge and Wang Kai. The drama has finished filming and aims to air in 2017. Continue reading

Hu Ge and Huang Xiaoming Lead the Pack of Gorgeous C-actors at the 2016 GQ Men of the Year Awards

The gentlemen of Chinese entertainment were out in collective stylish handsomeness this week for the 2016 GQ China Men of the Year Awards in Beijing. It was across the board old school well tailored tuxedo glamour for all attendees but … Continue reading

Glamorous Stars Out in Full at the 2016 Annual Bazaar China Star Charity Night Event

Chinese-speaking entertainments best and brightest stars were out in mega force this past Friday for the annual Bazaar Star Charity Night. There were so many pretty faces and fashionable attire it’s impossible to pick a post topper so I’ll go … Continue reading

Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yi Lun, and Xu Lu Gets New Chinese Title and Starts Filming

A name change for a novel to drama adaptation is so common these days, and increasingly the character names are changed as well and only the story outline remains the same. It’s likely to avoid Chinese censors if the story … Continue reading

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Tie the Knot in Lavish Wedding Ceremony Attended by Bevy of A-list Stars

Money was clearly no limitation for the lavish and star-studded wedding ceremony of top Chinese stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. It was as luxurious and over-the-top as Jay Chou‘s nuptials to Hannah Quinlivan last year, minus only the English castle … Continue reading

Chinese and Korean Stars Descend on the 2015 Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing

There was plenty of glitter across both sides of the strait this past week – Taiwan held its highest television honors with the Golden Bell Awards while the popular Chinese and Korean stars alighted for the Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing. I … Continue reading

Best Friends Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming Finally Make a Movie Together in Hollywood Adventures

Looks like cross-border collaborations are increasing in other ways beyond China-Korea. The Chinese summer box office will include a wacky road trip movie helmed by a Hollywood production team but starring three top Chinese stars as leads. Marking the first … Continue reading