Casting is Completed for SBS Drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum with Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum

K-actress Hwang Jung Eum is really making a name for herself as the great reuniter. Her upcoming SBS drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum pairs her up with Namdong Min nearly a decade after they did Can You Hear My Heart, going from second male lead to first male lead. She did the same two years ago with Park Seo Joon from Kill Me, Heal Me into She Was Pretty. And who can forget two decently rating drama wins with Ji Sung for Secret Love and KMHM. If she ends up doing another drama with Joo Sang Wook after their awesome turn in Giant then I think she will have exhausted her own well. All of this is to preface how hopeful I am for Handsome Guy because I love Namgong Min and loved him in CYHMH so so much. The drama is all done casting with Oh Yoon Ah, Shim Hye Jin, Jo Dal Hwan, and Lee Moon Sik completing the cast, with the premiere date slated for late May after Switch (Change the World). Continue reading