Lee Jun Young in Talks for K-drama Ildangbaek Butler Opposite Hyeri After Yoon Do Joon Declines the Male Lead

This is another one of those 1-for-1 swaps that I’m good with either way. K-ent is reporting that Lee Jun Young (Jun) has been offered the male lead in the upcoming K-drama Ildangbaek Butler, the role that last month was in talks with Yoon Do Joon but he’s now passed on the offer. The female lead is going to be Hyeri and the roles in question suit both currently in discussion leads. The male lead is the titular Ildangbaek Butler, a man who runs errands for a measly 100 won but does the work of 100 people for the price of one basically. He works for the female lead who runs a funeral home and can hear the last wishes of the deceased and together they work to grant that final wish. It sounds sad and lovely at the same time.

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KBS Mon-Tues Youth Sageuk Moonshine with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri Premieres to Promising 7.5% Ratings and Positive Viewer First Impression

Okay, I’ve just gotten up from collapsing on the bed in major relief. I so wanted this drama to be good, do well too of course but be good is most important, because another bad Yoo Seung Ho drama and … Continue reading

New Promos for KBS Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom Amps Up the OTP Cuteness Between Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

KBS has gone ahead and given an one word English title for the mouthful youth sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom. It’s called Moonshine and is absolutely apropos to the subject matter (illegal alcohol brewing during a … Continue reading

KBS Releases Two More Awkwardly Posed Posters for Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

You’re killing me Smalls! But then again, it could be that KBS just makes craptastic drama posters but great end product. Recent case in point being Dali and the Cocky Prince, though that drama did create lovely painting homage character … Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho is the Beleaguered Straight Man to Goofy Hyeri in New Poster and Stills for KBS Youth Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom

I take solace in knowing that if a story is good I can usually overlook bad acting, especially if I’m fond enough of said actor or actress. The new poster and character stills are out for KBS Mon-Tues sageuk Thinking … Continue reading

KBS Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho, Hyeri, Byun Woo Seok, and Kang Mina Releases First Stills

The steady stream of youth sageuks continue even with a batch aired already. 2021 started off with River Where the Moon Rises followed by Lovers of the Red Sky then now The King’s Affection. This week Secret Royal Inspector and … Continue reading

tvN Fantasy Rom-com My Roommate is a Gumiho with Chemistry Laden Leads Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong Wraps Up Warm and Fuzzy Run Averaging 3.916% Ratings

My weekly date with the fox and his muse is done. tvN Wed-Thurs romance fantasy drama My Roommate is a Gumiho finished this week, starting off strong over 5% but settling into the low 4% and high 3% ratings during … Continue reading

Middle Episodes 7-10 of My Roommate is a Gumiho Find Again the Right Balance Between Sweet Chemistry and Substantive Plot Development

My initial rabid adoration of tvN Wed-Thurs drama My Roommate is a Gumiho (Frightening Cohabitation) has calmed down to sweet satisfaction, this drama is still my bae in every way and I’m getting around to appreciating its unexpected cadences. It’s … Continue reading

Long Time Couple Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Spotted on Date After K-netizens Speculate on Their Breakup Because She Has Great Chemistry and is Super Friendly with Jang Ki Yong in New Drama

Man, if K-netizens collectively deserve to be punched in the face this instance would merit it. After My Roommate is a Gumiho premiered last week on tvN, K-netizens started to speculate and discuss that female lead Hyeri and her former … Continue reading