First Stills of Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri for tvN Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation

Okay, this drama sounds like a mash up off Goblin’s cohabitation element and Tale of Gumiho‘s fox bead aspect, and Tale of Gumiho ended up being a stupid and lame mashup of Goblin and Hotel Del Luna. I would castigate this drama for retreading except it’s based on a manhwa as tvN will air the K-drama adaptation of Falling Cohabitation with Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri in early 2021. Jang Ki Yong plays a male gumiho who has lived for 999 years and is prepping to become a human. He loses his fox bead and cannot become human without it, and Hyeri is a college student who swallows the fox bead and will die within 1 year because her body cannot withstand it, unless it is removed. They two start to live together and romance ensues. I…..have no comment right now, on either the story or casting, because I’ve been burned so many times by this genre and also both leads. Let’s hope for the best, folks!

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tvN Mon-Tues Drama Record of Youth Heads into Finale Week Succeeding the Most with Impressive Guest Stars and Veteran Casting Coups

This Mon-Tues wraps up Record of Youth and during the drama airing male lead Park Bo Gum has reportedly finished his basic training already en route to enlisting in the Navy. He hard carried this drama but there was still … Continue reading

Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, and Kang Hana Sign Up for Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation

Looks like the gumiho is back in the spotlight for the current drama cycle. Another gumiho themed K-drama has finished casting and will be on deck in early 2021 hopefully. Falling Cohabitation (Terrifying Cohabitation) is adapted from the same name … Continue reading

Entire Answer Me 1988 Main Cast Reunite to Hang Out and Three Adorably Rock a Love Triangle Look

Okay, someone HAD TO have sent out a dress code otherwise how the heck is three out of six wearing couples tee, albeit in a love triangle look ahahaha. The perfect precious main cast of six from the hit K-drama … Continue reading

Son Ye Jin, Song Joong Ki, and Many More K-stars Donating to South Korean Fight to Contain Coronavirus Spread

First off, if your fave isn’t mentioned here don’t get your goat up. This is just a list of some stars being mentioned right now as making a financial contribution to the fight to contain the novel coronavirus Covid19 spread. … Continue reading

Park Sang Joong Takes Home MBC 2017 Drama Award Daesang for Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People

MBC held its year end Drama Awards last night and the winner of the Daesang was surprisingly Park Sang Joong for Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People. It’s a surprise because he wasn’t the male lead of that drama … Continue reading