Secret’s Hyosung Models Oddly Intriguing Red Eye Makeup in New Beauty Pictorial

Can I get a yay or nay vote from readers with respect to this latest makeup pictorial featuring Hyosung of the girl group Secret. I only know Sunhwa from that group since she’s been acting in dramas for a few years, but this Beauty pictorial really caught my eye despite being unfamiliar with Hyosung because the makeup is so striking. The strong reddish straight brows paired with various oddball eye makeup definitely makes Hyosung stand out even among the slew of glitzy pictorials.

The top one is most eccentric for me, with the eye shadowing contour below her eyes using blush. I can’t say I like it because it makes her look either drunk or has an eye infection that she’s been rubbing at vigorously. But strangely she still looks pretty overall. The other makeup looks below all go for reddish hues around the eyes still, and I don’t know if this is a trend that will stay or just an attempt to be different and not landing because red eyes is so hard to pull off. What do you guys think? Continue reading