Signal and Misaeng PD Working with Another Oh Hae Young Writer for tvN 2018 Drama My Ahjusshi

A new dynamic duo is pairing up but won’t arrive until early 2018, a date that isn’t that far away since we’re headed into the fourth quarter of 2017 already. tvN has announced that the PD of Signal and Misaeng will be working with the screenwriter of Another Oh Hae Young for an early 2018 premiering drama tentatively titled My Ahjusshi. This combines two hitmaking behind-the-scenes talent as the dramas they have created have been lauded for the visuals and the narrative depth.

Unfortunately I’m a little iffy on their upcoming My Ahjusshi after hearing the synopsis – a 40-something male lead who has endured life’s heavy burdens meets a 20-something female lead who has dealt with different situations than he did but also endures life’s heavy burdens, and together they mutually heal each other. It’s described as a drama exploring what people value in life, so clearly it’s attempting meaningful topics but the whole December-May romance is so stale to me unless there is genuinely something unique to the set up. Knowing these two there has to be which is why I remain hopeful and will hold my wary at bay. Continue reading

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