Im Joo Hwan Joins Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee for MBC Procedural Thriller The Game: Towards Zero

OMG, please don’t make Im Joo Hwan into secretly the serial killer baddie in his next drama. Sorry I’m worried but this cutie pie keeps getting short shifted and honestly he’s better off being the nicest man in the world as he’s often been playing. Im Joo Hwan is currently in political family drama The Great Show but has lined up his next role in the MBC drama The Game: Towards Zero. It’s better known as earnest puppy Taecyeon‘s comeback drama after military service where he plays a rich chaebol who can see death and pairs up with a cop played by Lee Yeon Hee to catch a serial killer. Im Joo Hwan plays a workaholic and warm forensic medical examiner which sounds all positive until obviously K-dramas tossing in some big twist. Keep him a good guy and I’m onboard! Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk Trades in Laughable Fantasy for Modern Good Looks in New Stills and Preview for Bride of the Water God

Nam Joo Hyuk was one of those who made it out alright in the hot mess K-drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, looking a dash more modern as the 13th prince but still suitably decked out. He should be the … Continue reading

Bride of the Water God Releases Moody Drama Poster Contrasting with Slapstick Episode 1 Preview

Talk about whiplash in moods as the first group drama poster for Bride of the Water God arrives followed by a completely different tonal one for the episode 1 preview teaser. It’s like the static posing of the cast promises … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Lead Cast Script Reading for Bride of the Water God

The upcoming K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God has many unknown elements from cast to narrative conversion from period fantasy to modern times. It’s the kind of unknowns that have sunk many a K-drama in the past … Continue reading

Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference

The cast of premiering KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama romance Uncontrollably Fond is certainly acting uncontrollably cute at the press conference to primp out the highly anticipated drama to fans. Kim Woo Bin definitely resembles a lumbering dinosaur type beast man but … Continue reading