Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Lead Cast Script Reading for Bride of the Water God

The upcoming K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God has many unknown elements from cast to narrative conversion from period fantasy to modern times. It’s the kind of unknowns that have sunk many a K-drama in the past but when everything clicks can create a wondrous and unexpected treat. I never warmed to the original source material the same way I didn’t click with the webtoon for Cheese in the Trap, but that adaptation was given initial raves for being a spot on adherence to the source material from page to screen but Bride is premising it’s version as deviating substantially from the source at the outset. I’m excited to see how the production plans to transfer the narrative to present day, and how the fantasy elements will be woven throughout in visually impressive ways. The cast of Nam Joo Hyuk, Krystal, and Gong Myung are gorgeous enough to be believable as gods and goddesses, with the titular Bride of the Water God being the equally pretty but mortal Shin Se Kyung. Continue reading

Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference

The cast of premiering KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama romance Uncontrollably Fond is certainly acting uncontrollably cute at the press conference to primp out the highly anticipated drama to fans. Kim Woo Bin definitely resembles a lumbering dinosaur type beast man but … Continue reading

Full Set of Character Posters for Uncontrollably Fond Provide Glimpse into Romance Complications

There’s finally a full set of of main lead character posters for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond, finally bringing the two second leads to the forefront along with all the attention being lavished on the main leads. Kim Woo Bin, … Continue reading

Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Sets Premiere Date of June 29th

Details are coming together for my next most anticipated K-drama now that Descendants of the Sun has premiered. That would be Uncontrollably Fond, or Arbitrarily Fond as I’ve been calling it before but now will switch to Uncontrollably Fond as … Continue reading