Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Three Brave Siblings

I liken doing a weekend drama to having a safe paycheck and a steady gig for six months, with the bonus if the drama is a total success then it’s another popularity boost much like recent hit Young Lady and Gentleman gave Ji Hyun Woo back his mojos and cemented rookie Lee Se Hee as a leading lady. KBS is casting for the next weekend drama and had signed on Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na as the leads, playing a married couple. The drama is called Three Brave Siblings and deals with, of course, three siblings with Im Joo Hwan as one of the brothers and the one who has sacrificed the most. Lol, he’s always sacrificing for his siblings does no one remember the wonderful and underrated Ugly Alert. I wish the leading lady wasn’t Lee Ha Na as I’m quite allergic to her still (no reason, just cuz) but seeing Im Joo Hwan get a big KBS weekend lead role is such great news!

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Park Hae Jin Wins the 2020 MBC Drama Award Daesang for Kkondae Intern in Socially Distanced Ceremony

I searched and there are no pictures of the actors and actresses attending the 2020 MBC Drama Awards with their face masks off so kudos for the production really sticking with proper protective gear and social distancing. Everyone even wore … Continue reading

Posters and Stills for The Spies Who Loved Me Feels Like a Retread of Past Eric, Yoo In Na, and Im Joo Hwan Dramas

You watch K-dramas long enough, and blog about it long enough, then inevitably it’s like deja vu happening right before your eyes in slow motion. More posters and stills are out for MBC spy thriller romance The Spies Who Loved … Continue reading

Eric, Yoo In Na, and Im Joo Hwan Make Striking First Impression in Poster and Teaser for MBC Drama The Spies Who Loved Me

Oooooh, I really love this poster. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s very striking and frames the leads beautifully in gorgeous primary colors. MBC‘s next romance drama will be The Spies Who Loved Me, taking over the time slot from When … Continue reading