Cast Thanks Fans as Uncontrollably Fond Ends with a Stirring Conclusion of Tears and Smiles

A great and satisfying ending for a drama affects me way more than an impressive start, it’s the last thing to cross my eyes and mind and with it the lingering effects leave a swelling crescendo. KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond ended its 20-episode run today, with an ending that was narratively expected but an emotional payoff way better than anything the drama has achieved up until then. In fact, the last two episodes were so incredible and amazing it redeemed the story for me, and along the way showed that patience does pay off.

Lee Kyung Hee tried hard and managed to bring it all together in the end, leaving me crying for 60 minutes of episode 19 and then sobbing for another 60 minutes of episode 20. Bravo to the cast for committing so fully to their performances and this difficult emotional narrative, with Kim Woo Bin deserving a shout out for his final arc acting bravura, Suzy stepping up continuously in incremental baby steps as the drama went on, and second leads Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun being jointly amazing even though he made my heart hurt and she made my heart seethe. Continue reading

Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference

The cast of premiering KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama romance Uncontrollably Fond is certainly acting uncontrollably cute at the press conference to primp out the highly anticipated drama to fans. Kim Woo Bin definitely resembles a lumbering dinosaur type beast man but … Continue reading

Full Set of Character Posters for Uncontrollably Fond Provide Glimpse into Romance Complications

There’s finally a full set of of main lead character posters for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond, finally bringing the two second leads to the forefront along with all the attention being lavished on the main leads. Kim Woo Bin, … Continue reading

Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Sets Premiere Date of June 29th

Details are coming together for my next most anticipated K-drama now that Descendants of the Sun has premiered. That would be Uncontrollably Fond, or Arbitrarily Fond as I’ve been calling it before but now will switch to Uncontrollably Fond as … Continue reading

Oh My Ghost Readies for Friday Premiere and Looks Funny and Soulful in Long Preview

I’m quite looking forward to upcoming tvN Fri-Sat night spiritual possession romantic comedy Oh My Ghost. It’s the first horror-tinged K-drama this year and airing a bit earlier than the usual lunar new year 8th month of ghost month, which usually falls … Continue reading