All Grown Up Yeo Jin Gu and Im Shi Wan Reunite for Variety Show House on Wheels Season 2

The child actors of hit MBC sageuk The Moon Embraces the Sun were the shining stars of the cast, getting a long 6-episode run to set the stage and since then each and every one has gone on to success. Yeo Jin Gu played the crown prince and Im Shi Wan as the older brother of the female lead and they were friend characters in the drama and obviously got along swell in real life. This second season of variety show House on Wheels swapped out Yeo Jin Gu for Im Shi Wan in the cast but Yeo Jin Gu returned as a guest star for the June 11th episode and the two got to do the show together. That’s so nice and what a treat to see their cute bromance. Check out their cute selfies, nnnnngggg such good boys I love seeing success reached with hard work and dedication.

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Production on jTBC Drama Run On Halted Again Due to COVID Positive Crew Member, Leads Im Shi Wan, Shin Se Kyung, Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh Go Back to Two Week Quarantine

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