Creepy as Hell Posters and Stills for tvN Drama Strangers From Hell with Im Shi Wan and Lee Dong Wook

The shit is creepy as hell, totally pun intended. The posters and first stills are out for upcoming tvN drama Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People) adapted from a popular and creepily drawn webtoon of the same name. It’s idol-turned-actor Im Shi Wan‘s first drama post military discharge and joining him is Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Joo Hwan, and Lee Joong Ok as the strange residents of a cheap apartment in Seoul. I didn’t read the webtoon and thought strange residents meant weirdos but the posters make everyone seem straight up demonic/possessed/serial killers under the same roof. If the intention was to creep me out the drama has succeeded, now I’ll have to watch with the lights on. Continue reading

K-drama Producers Lamenting Huge Hole in Late 20’s Leading Men Due to Military Service

Production companies of K-dramas shared with the media its very valid concern with upcoming year leading men casting due to the large exodus of military service bound this year in 2017. Starting with Lee Min Ho, the list of talented … Continue reading

Sageuk Drama A King Loves Finds Doppleganger Counterparts to Leads Im Shi Wan, Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun

K-ent continues to churn out talented child actors who succeed into adult roles, with three big names from the last few years transitioning and leaving a void. Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hyun are now fully … Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum are Top K-stars Who Elicit Female Viewers Motherly Instincts

I gotta give polling site Moolmong credit for even coming up with this particular poll topic, but then again it’s probably run out of more mainstream subjects to inquire about. Korean ladies were polled on which K-star elicited their most … Continue reading