Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Confirmed for MBC Fantasy Romance Drama Season of Kkok Du

Man, I wish I had both Im Soo Hyang‘s work ethic and her ability to keep getting cast in drama after drama when it comes to my own work streak. She doubled up this past June with SBS drama Woori the Virgin and MBC drama Doctor, Lawyer and now she’s not even done with that drama yet and will be heading into the production of upcoming MBC drama Season of Kkok Du. The drama is about the Grim Reaper who must take a 49 day vacation every 99 years on Earth and he enters the body of an ordinary human. He meets the female lead who is a doctor and somehow she can order him around. I just hope this Meet Joe Black type romance with shades of Doom at Your Service isn’t as somnolent as both those in terms of energy and pacing. As for the pairing, eh it is what it is and I’m curious if Kim Jung Hyun’s first drama since his scandal last year will be received by netizens.

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Im Soo Hyang is Radiant in All Three Official Drama Posters for SBS Drama Woori the Virgin with Baby Daddy Sung Hoon and Boyfriend Shin Dong Wook

It’s not a bad place to be Im Soo Hyang as the titular Woori the Virgin in the upcoming SBS drama, but for the fact that she’s going to be a mom and hasn’t even had sex haha. It’s the … Continue reading

Im Soo Hyang Does Double Duty as She’s Cast as So Ji Sub’s Female Lead in Dr. Lawyer and Will Also Star in the K-remake of Jane the Virgin Reuniting with Sung Hoon

Well it’s certainly a double dose of good news for Im Soo Hyang and probably a karma payment for her last drama being neigh unwatchable (and pulled off streaming sites in Korea) due to her male lead bullying scandal. She … Continue reading

Park Hae Jin Wins the 2020 MBC Drama Award Daesang for Kkondae Intern in Socially Distanced Ceremony

I searched and there are no pictures of the actors and actresses attending the 2020 MBC Drama Awards with their face masks off so kudos for the production really sticking with proper protective gear and social distancing. Everyone even wore … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Hosts the 2020 MAMA Awards in Seoul with Many K-acting Stars in Attendance

Aaaaahhhhh this feels nice, a sense of normalcy and nostalgia for how big this awards got in recent years and perhaps a nice slimming down to focus on just the core competencies. The 2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) went … Continue reading

Things are Pretty Awkward in New Stills and Teaser for When I Was Most Beautiful as Im Soo Hyang Wins the Hearts Brotherly Affections of Ji Soo and Ha Suk Jin

A love triangle involving two family members can’t end well, even if one conveniently dies of a terminal illness at the end and frees up the other two to be together. With Ha Suk Jin being a race car driver, … Continue reading

So Many Throwbacks in Poster and Teaser for MBC Melo Romance When I was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Suk Jin

It’s going to be telling of your age/generation if you thought upcoming MBC romance When I was Most Beautiful straight up copied a scene from Ghost. Now I’m humming Unchained Melody again, damn you pottery wheel skinskip! I then checked … Continue reading