Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Step Out at the Taipei Original Festival for In A Good Way

When normal people heard the word “Friday” the first thought is weekend almost here and work week almost over. For the next few months when I hear Friday I’ll start screaming In A Good Way kyaaaaaa~ That’s a normal reaction, right? I mean, find me a person who can withstand the force of sheer chemistry and visual perfection together that is Liu Chuan and Jia En. The exact same description applies for Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee (Rong Rong and Guo Yi). Once a week we get to see Liu Chuan and Jia En continue to get to know each other, tentatively because both are so new to all this stuff called opposite sex awareness. I don’t think Liu Chuan is averse to dating despite Ah Qing and Ri Qi thinking he’s avoided getting a credit in love. I think women have been throwing themselves at him his entire life and so he’s just unaware of them at this point. Girls who like him are like air so Jia En is the first girl to make him sit up and notice for all the reasons we’ve seen. The way she barged into his life, the way she makes him feel sorry for her yet proud of her at the same time. In a K-drama, the perfect Liu Chuan would be the token second male lead and we would all suffer along with his unrequited love for Jia En. In a K-drama, Ren Wei would be the male lead and the childhood relationship with Jia En would be emphasized and he would grow to love her back. I’m so glad the drama tossed the Jia En has a crush on Ren Wei plot line because that is just so overused. Let’s have the girl see the cutest nicest guy around and actually fall for him back rather than some harebrained idea to redeem the loser.

SETTV is trotting out RongYi like you wouldn’t believe, and this week Lego and Kirsten stepped out together (in couple’s outfits, natch!) but not in character to attend the Original Festival being held at the Songshan Cultural Park in Taipei. It’s a week long event showcasing traditional culture and crafts of Taiwan which ties in with the drama which is set in the 90’s and features lots of throwback elements. At the Festival, the two made a craft present for each other, a little metal engraving plate which they both chose to engrave each other character’s BBS handle – Kirsten made a plate that read “3631” with hearts on either side while Lego’s plate for Kirsten read “sky”. Lego also got Kirsten a necklace and put it around her, but not before feeding her some of his old-fashioned popsicle. The two cheekily told the press that this Festival was the perfect place for couples to spend a day together. Ha! We all know some dancing is forthcoming in episode 5 and a few new stills have been released showing Kirsten and Lego practicing for their dance. Kirsten was much better at it than Lego, who may be a sports jock but admits he has two left feet when it comes to dancing. His candid assessment is that athletic ability does not equal having rhythm. Lego teased the press by saying that viewers need to bring their sunglasses for episode 5 because they will be blinded by the growing electricity between Jia En and Liu Chuan. Oh dude, you are so loving every minute of filming this drama with Rong Rong. Continue reading