Latest Video Preview for In a Good Way Episode 19

I ended up re-watching the BTS from episode 19 of In a Good Way more than the episode itself. All that ghost story hullabaloo was a little bit scary for me, not because it was scary in the context of the drama, but because I typically stayed away from ghostly stories lest I scare myself late at night with my own overactive imagination. The girl in red horror story really was lifted straight from the pages of Taiwan news stories in 1998. That year a family went on an outing to the mountains and took their trusty old video recording along. As the gang was descending down the mountains, the person in front recorded everyone and when they got home no one thought anything of the outing. A few days later a family member suddenly died and during the mourning period the video recording was dug out to watch which was when the family freaked out upon seeing a little girl in red walking down the mountain behind their group. The camera captured her walking behind the man who died, and her face is dark and wrinkly like an old woman.

No one recalled seeing this girl at all and the video recording gained cult status and lots of spiritual mediums were called to the spot and all proclaimed her to be an evil spirit who was haunting the mountains. Taiwan has a lot of family crypts and burial sites randomly in mountains and hilltops, which is why I never ever go hiking there. I will only appreciate IAGW digging up the girl in red story if it leads to Liu Chuan finding Jia En at the bus stop and then kissing and hugging her to calm her nerves down. Yeah, that totally works for me. The picture above is from the stash taken during Kirsten and Lego’s Hong Kong trip last week, and he may look all sweet in feeding her a soft serve cone but that picture is actually right before he pulls it away from her lips before she can take a bite. He totally 欺负 (be teasing mean) her all the time like a little boy in junior high picking on the girl he has a crush on. Then Kirsten tosses it right back before she plastered herself all over him in the most aegyo-riffic way possible. Check out the video preview for episode 20 after the drama didn’t give us a preview after episode 19 to preserve the tension that Jia En might be in danger. It looks more like Liu Chuan is in danger, the danger from a Daddy grilling.

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