First Look at Web Drama That Time When Time Stops with Kim Hyun Joong and Ahn Ji Hyun

There is a palpable disconcerting vibe when it comes to covering upcoming KBS W web drama That Time When Time Stops solely because of the male lead chosen. Is that a savvy or foolish move on the part of the production team, only time will tell but for a K-drama blogger it’s like being stuck between a rock and an interesting place. On one hand I prefer not to cover the news concern disgraced idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong, and yet he’s managed to land a leading man role in a drama albeit a web one that’s only 12-episodes. The story sounds interesting surrounding a man who doesn’t age and can stop time, and the ensuing changes that happens when he crosses paths with female lead Ahn Ji Hyun with In Kyo Jin as the second male lead. The first stills are out for the drama premiering on October 24th and honestly if any viewer wants to check it out fine by me, no judgement even as I waffle between thinking the drama sounds interesting and uncomfortable watching a male lead with so much unsavory real life scandal behind him. Continue reading