Hot Property Rain Offered Ha Ji Won’s Leading Man in K-version of In Time With You

When this casting news broke to kick start Monday, I did a double then a triple take to make sure I wasn’t misreading the title and it wasn’t an early jump start on April Fool’s Day. Nope, this isn’t a drama title mix-up or a joke, it appears something went down between MBC and SBS this weekend all for Rain. Looks like Rain will not be doing the Hong sisters Jeju Island drama Feeling Good and Warm and instead in talks with SBS for the upcoming K-adaptation of the Taiwanese hit drama In Time With You. Talk about a huge huge casting turnaround in the span of a day.

The K-version of ITWY is titled The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days and is now slated for a June airing on SBS weekends. That brings purported 7000 Days leading lady Ha Ji Won back to the same SBS weekend time slot that spawned her hit drama Secret Garden four years ago. If Rain accepts then he’ll be sticking with SBS despite the network saddling him with totally miscast costars and a dud script in last year’s failed My Lovely Girl. Rain’s agency confirmed that he received both offers for the Hong sisters drama and 7000 Days and is favorably considering 7000 Days. Continue reading

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In Time With You Leads the Drama Nominations at the 2012 Golden Bell Awards

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