Yoon Kyun Sang Joins Ha Ji Won in 7000 Days and Releases Oddly Riveting BNT Pictorial

I can’t figure out if the latest BNT pictorial is good exposure or bad for Yoon Kyun Sang‘s kickstarted acting career. Thanks to a star-making turn in a critical supporting role in Pinocchio playing Lee Jong Seok‘s hyung, Yoon Kyun Sang is garnering all the right attention for his acting ability and potential. Even better is that he’s already done with his military service, which will make the next few years interesting with so many late twenty-something leading men headed off soon to their own appointment with civic duty, leaving opportunity to develop new male leads.

And right on cue, K-news just reported that Yoon Kyun Sang has joined the cast of upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. Starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, the drama is a remake of TW-drama In Time With You about the decades long friendship turned romance between the two leads. Yoon Kyun Sang’s character is described as a chaebol heir who hides his identity, and I’m not sure if he’s playing the Sunny Wang‘s second male lead role or a different supporting male character. It doesn’t even matter if he’s doing a glorified cameo (which he’s not), knowing he’s in this drama just ups the must watch factor for me multiple fold.
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